Timer On, Timer Off, First Egg, Butter and Salad in Jars

This semester’s schedule is crazy! After last semester I realized I needed to balance both studying and housekeeping. I noticed that I was studying so much that my house always seemed messy and I could not keep up with any of the cleaning. I decided to change my ways this semester so that I can better manage life. How I figured I would do this is a “wax on, wax off” type of way. Depending on when I wake up which some days are at 5am and some at 8am, I set a timer on my phone for an hour. I grab my coffee and during that hour I study. When the timer goes off I reset it and spend an hour doing house chores, budgeting, or chores outside. Then timer goes off again, it’s again reset and I go back to an hour of studying. The only time this timer sequence doesn’t happen is when I am out doing errands. I just wanted to give you this knowledge so that if you see a blog and there are tons of different things going on it (as this one will do) that is why.

I woke up this morning and made my coffee. Did an hour of Anatomy and Physiology reading and then went out since it was going to be a nice day to let the girls run the yard. I knew I would be cleaning the coop today and it’s easier to do when they are not locked in the run. I then dumped some vegetable scraps in the compost bin and even though I was not expecting anything I decided to check the nesting boxes. I looked in two and it only held the fake eggs, so then looked on the other side. To my ecstatic delight there was our first egg sitting there next to the fake one.


I had noticed one of the Buff Orpingtons and the Plymouth Rock squatting earlier in the week but was not expecting this surprise. I brought the egg inside so excited to show my daughter our first egg. She held it so gently with a big smile on her face.


This of course meant for sure I had to clean the coop today so after the Hubby took Zoey to preschool and came home and had lunch I dropped him back off at work and went to Big R. We need a new pitchfork to turn the compost and we also needed feed. I spent a lot more than I wanted but it was for needed things like a new pair of jeans (tore my second pair a few weeks ago), and some rain/garden boots for myself and for Viktor though he did not like them because they were not Spiderman. We then ran to Walmart to get some household items that were needed and I found the perfect Kombucha Brewer. We went and picked Zoey up from school and came home. Zoey saw the black rain boots and she had to try them on. I tried telling her they were Viktor’s and I would get her a girly pair but she wanted the black pair that Viktor didn’t like. We put our new boots on and headed out to the coop. She used the rake and raked piles of the scattered straw and compost so that I could put the piles in the compost bin. It sure was interesting trying to drag out the drop trays with now three squatting hens squatting at my feet clucking. But at least they now have a clean coop!

Afterwards we took our boots off and I had to change the pants covered with mud and well we will just call it mud. I then reset the timer and sat down to some more Anatomy reading. Fast forward and hour and it was time to reset. I then prepared my tofu and put it in the oven so that I could prep my salads for this coming week. IMG_7224While the tofu was baking I finished cutting up the rest of the vegetables and got the jars ready. Once the tofu was done and cooled I started getting the salads put together and in the fridge. IMG_7225The salads contained homemade Balsamic Vinaigrette, tofu, green/orange peppers, red onions, tomatoes, carrots, baby Bella mushrooms, hard-boiled egg, roasted chickpeas and lettuce. IMG_7229

As I was putting them in the fridge I her the clucking at the back door. Pinkie Pie was there calling to me and I looked out to find Stir-fry using my flower pot as a dust bath. Going to need to figure out a way to block off the whole side of the chicken area so they stay out of the container gardens.

Pat got home and started dinner and asked if we had any butter. I then remembered I forgot to make some to quickly grabbed the heavy whipping cream, and a quart jar and got my upper arm workout in. IMG_7230 Dinner is done, dishes are done and as I sit down to do more homework, Zoey wants to snuggle so I will be making a fresh pot of coffee and pulling a late nighter study session tonight.


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